Saturday, December 12, 2009

Freebie Giraffe

I got so excited that this lil giraffe actually looks like a giraffe that I had to share with you. I am trying to learn how to create my own little animals instead of buying actions and scripts. It is a learning experience to say the least. I tried to make a bear a few weeks ago and my daughter had so much fun with it. She said it looked more like a pig than a bear, so of course I trashed that bear and haven't started another one yet.

I know he is not much but if you like him and want to try him out, you can get this freebie HERE

Quickpage for Brayden

My handsome lil man is just so adorable, isn't he? I couldn't help resist to make these cute pages for him. I used the Penguin Kit and the Chrismas Mouse from VikiMouse. There are so many possibilities with both of these kits. Visit Vicki's site HERE to pick up one or both of these kits for yourself.

While you are there check out her Advent Calendar she has going on till Christmas. Vicki is very talented and I love all her cute little animals, as I am sure you will also.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brayden's Move to Hospice

After spending 172 days in the hospital Brayden was moved to Hospice of Atlanta this past Thursday. He is free of all monitors. The only thing he has attached now is his feeding tube and oxygen. You can actually pick him up and hold him now without all the wires and tubes he had in the hospital.

Staff at Hospice has been very understanding and caring while we make the transition. We were hoping to take him home, but Brayden's high flow oxygen requirement is one that is not capable of being performed at home. So we are hoping we can ween him off the high flow down to an acceptable level that we can do at home. For the meantime we are adapting and someone is staying with him at all times, so he is never alone.

He is starting to make little sounds and trying to talk and that is sooooooo cute. He will smile and stick his tongue out when you talk to him. A long time coming for such a small step, but we will take anything we can get.

I saw this tutorial and had to make it to show off this beautiful face.

You can checkout Sandy's tutorial HERE

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freebie ~ Beary Fun Cap Alpha

I finished the Beary Fun Capital Letters and links are below for you. I am still working on the lower case and numbers and will have them available for you later this week. Gotta rush off now as on the way to the hospital to meet with Dr's and Hospice.

Please say a prayer for Brayden for us.

You can download the Blue Caps HERE

You can download the Pink Caps HERE

You can download the Green Caps HERE

You can download the Purple Caps HERE

Saturday, November 14, 2009

♥ New Kit ~ Beary Fun ♥

I had alot of fun putting together this kit and most likely will add some more features later this week to go with it, so check back later in the week to see what I have come up with to go with it.
Kit is free, but we are still taking donations for Brayden if you can spare a dime or two. Any little bit helps. The doctors did not give us much hope for him making it past 2 weeks, but that was 3 weeks ago and he is still fighting. He is getting a little personality and starting to smile. He loves to be held and loved, and belive me he is getting plenty of that.

My daughter and granddaughter met with the Hospice Center today and the final meeting will be Monday with the Hospice and the Hospital to get everything ready for the move. Brayden and my granddaughter will be staying at the Hospice Center as they have staff on duty in the event she needs some help with him. We are still hoping and praying for our miracle everday that he will get better or they will be able to operate to correct his heart. As for now it is a wait and see what happens.

I saw the most adorable tutorial on Cathy's site for the Dancing Bear that started this kit. You can checkout the tutoial HERE

Enjoy the kit, I hope you have as much fun with it as I had in putting it together.

You can download the papers HERE

You can download the elements HERE

Monday, October 12, 2009

Back on Ventilator

Posted 17 hours ago
We thought Brayden was on the road to recovery from his surgery, even after taking 7 days to be removed from the ventilator. Brayden's Grandma and Nana visited with Brayden last night and received a lot of good information about the complexity of his anatomy. He does have a lung infection (pheunomia) and part of his lung has collapsed. As of today he was on 12 liters of oxygen at 100% using the nasal canula.
This morning at appro.9:30 AM we received a call saying that due to his lung not coming back up like it should they are going to reincubate him, in the hopes it will inflate his lung. We immediately went to the hospital and by the time we got there he had already been incubated, and was given a paralletic to help him sleep and keep him from being aggitated, so that he can rest and heal. They hope to only keep him incubated for a few days. The ventilator was set at 28 respirations, and it was doing all the work for him. He was not breathing above that, but that is due to they want to keep him comfortable and the paralletic state he was in. He at one point this morning was trying to wake up, but you could tell he was not comfortable so was given some medication to help him sleep some more until the paralletic wore completely off.
There is still some concern as to whether Brayden has a pulmonary or oxygen blockage problem that is causing his lung to collapse. Not to minimize the issue that he does have a serious heart defect, but not sure if that is causing all the problems at this point or not. Some talk of having to do a trach and we are hoping that does not occur.
Another care conference may be needed in the near future to discuss plans to get him ready to go home. As it stands right now, he is still unable to go home. We did find out that he can go home on a ventilator, although we are praying that does not happen. If they can wean him down on the oxygen to 1 to 2 liters that would be wonderful, as he is already going to have to go home with a heart monitor, oxygen, feeding tube to name a few.

You can visit Brayden's Care Pages at link below, you will need to register with your email address in order to view. You can see his adorable pictures that have been posted and his updates. His Care Page Name is BabyBoyMoore

cp: BabyBoymoore

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spooky Fest Reposting

This is the latest pic of Brayden with a kit I made last year. We just received a call from the hospital, that they are putting Brayden back on the ventilator as his right lung is now collapsed. We were at the hospital last night till midnight, came home for a few hours rest and now on the way back. He is fighting so hard to stay here with us. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Links are up, if you did not get it last year.

Enjoy and I hope you have fun with it,

You can get the Paper Pack HERE

You can get the Elements HERE

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adorable Halloween QP

Brayden had his surgery Wednesday Sept 30, 09. Surgeon came out and talked to us and said he went thru the surgery just fine. Wednesday evening while in CICU he started running a temp of 105. They were able to get that down. He was on a ventilator at 40%; they have weaned him down to 22% as of this morning, and will continue to come down. He cannot come off the ventilator until he is at 10% and breathing above that on his own. We are hoping that will be later this evening or early tomorrow morning at the latest. But Brayden calls his own shots and only time will tell.

While they were doing the reflux surgery they also put his feeding tube in, so thank goodness that will not be another surgery he will have to go through.

They have kept Brayden in a paralytic state, due to him becoming agitated when he is trying to wake up, which in turn raises his heart rate. So in order to keep him comfortable and try to heal as best he can he continues to be sedated with morphine, which does not help the fact that he is a sedation nightmare, as the doctor as noted in his chart.

We are all very nervous, tensed, and stressed over the possibilities, but Brayden is definitely a fighter, and has been since coming into this world. He struggles everyday to stay here and we are hoping he will go to the PICU soon. (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)

Thank you all for your care, concern, thoughts and prayers. They are working.

I found this adorable quick page on Becky's website and could not resist.

You can download her quickpage HERE

Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn Rustic Freebie Quickpage

This QP was created from my new kit called "Autumn Rustic". This mega kit is jam packed with over 110 papers and 83 elements. You are sure to find many uses with this kit. This kit was made to help my granddaughter with the expenses of staying at the hospital with Brayden. Any donated amount I will send you the links to download.

Brayden did have his reflux surgery and went through the surgery fine, although he has had some complications afterwards. Right now he is being kept in a paralitic state to help him recover from surgery. When he starts waking up, he is very aggitated and his little heart starts racing. Due to his heart defect that could be very dangerous for him. Tonight he is still on the ventilator and we are hoping tomorrow he will be able to be removed from it. We are concerned about the risk of infection setting in as his temperature is very low tonight, and the risk of him being septic is very scarey. Brayden is a fighter and hoping he can fight this off also.

If you can help us out with any donation no matter what the amount, you will never know how much of a help it will be. The cost of traveling back and forth to the hospital for the past 4 months is really starting to take a toll on us financially. Picture below is a preview of the complete kit.

Without further ramblings here is the link for the QP.
You can download the quickpage HERE

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brayden due for surgery today

Just wanted to post an update on Brayden as it has been a couple months since last post. Whew time flies by don't it. We have been through an emotional roller coaster it seems since this beautiful baby was born. He was 4 months old yesterday and still in the hospital. We have been waiting for him to get to at least 10 lbs for him to be able to have heart surgery to correct the artery that he was born without. After he had another heart cath done almost 2 weeks ago now, the doctors have now determined that he is worse than they originally thought. The doctors met with the family last Thursday and gave us the devasting news that the surgery could make him worse instead of better. Not only that it would only be a bridge for the multiple surgeries he would have to endure to correct all the problems with his heart. They have left it up to the family as to whether to have the surgery or not. After the initial shock of it all the decision was made in what we feel to be the best for Brayden. He will not have the heart surgery at this time, however we can go back and have it done later, if his condition worsens.

He is scheduled to undergo surgery today for his reflux. We were originally told this surgery could not be done until after his heart surgery. After we gave the doctors the information we would not go through with his heart surgery, they said they could still perform the reflux surgery by going in a different way. They will go in by his liver, from what we understand. By doing the surgery this way, the recovery time is longer, but less stress on his heart.

Please keep Brayden in your thoughts and prayers,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

♥ Brayden Heart Inspired ~ Freebie ♥

Brayden Cole was born May 29, 2009 approx 5 weeks early and remains in the hospital with a heart defect. He was born with the artery that comes out of the heart to the lungs missing. He did make some small veins on his own to carry some blood to the lungs, and they are working for the time being, although he struggles at times to breath causing him to be on oxygen at all times. He has been on as much as 8 liters of oxygen at 100% and as low as 5 liters at 50%. They are trying to get him to 22% which is room level, but he has not made it yet. He is in Cardiac ICU and will remain in the hospital until he gains enough weight for the surgery. They are hoping at 6 months old he will be able to undergo surgery to fix his little heart. They are hoping he will weigh at least 10 lbs by then. He was born at 4.10lbs and after 2 months he weighs 5.9lbs. He is gaining but slowly.

It is really taking a toll on us financially, thus I created Braydens Heart kit, that is loaded with 60 papers and 51 elements. It is a freebie, however if you download and you can afford just the smallest amount will help out my granddaughter while she stays with her son at the hospital. The hospital is very far away from her home. The hospital does provide a sleep room for her and her mother to stay on weekends. However the gas, meals and all the extras that come up are taking a toll on us.

I have broken the kit down into 9 parts to make it easier to download.

♥ Braydens Heart Elements ♥
You can download the Elements Pack 1 HERE
You can download the Elements Pack 2 HERE
You can download the Elements Pack 3 HERE

♥ Braydens Heart Papers ♥
♥ 10 Papers in each Pack ♥
You can download the PaperPack1 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 2 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 3 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 4 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 5 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 6 HERE

The smallest of donations will be very much appreciated to help our family thru this very difficult time.

Freebie ~ My First Script ~ Stickpin

I made my first script and was so excited, I had to share. Works with your papers or colors. I tried it in PSP8, 9 & 10 and seems to work in all. Instructions added in zip. If you have any problems with it please let me know and I will see if I can help.


You can download the Script HERE

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry for being slack

I know it has been 6 months since I posted anything for you, but I had to take a break.

Hopefully I will be back up and running with some more freebies for you real soon.

I have to let you know about my Great Grandson that was born. He was born May 29, 2009. He was born premature and he faces some hurdles before he will be coming home. He is still in the hospital and I will be leaving to go see him as soon as I finish posting this. He has to have surgery on his little heart, but they cannot do that until he gains some weight. He was born 4lbs 10 oz, and now weighs 5lbs 5oz. Although he is gaining weight and gaining strength everyday, he is still not where the doctors want him to be in order to have surgery.

I made this Brag Book page for him and thought I would share with you if you would like to have it for yourself. The precious Baby Fawn in one from Digi Web Studios. Alot of adorable sets available and on sale too. You can pick it up here HERE

You can download my BragBook Quick page HERE