Sunday, July 26, 2009

♥ Brayden Heart Inspired ~ Freebie ♥

Brayden Cole was born May 29, 2009 approx 5 weeks early and remains in the hospital with a heart defect. He was born with the artery that comes out of the heart to the lungs missing. He did make some small veins on his own to carry some blood to the lungs, and they are working for the time being, although he struggles at times to breath causing him to be on oxygen at all times. He has been on as much as 8 liters of oxygen at 100% and as low as 5 liters at 50%. They are trying to get him to 22% which is room level, but he has not made it yet. He is in Cardiac ICU and will remain in the hospital until he gains enough weight for the surgery. They are hoping at 6 months old he will be able to undergo surgery to fix his little heart. They are hoping he will weigh at least 10 lbs by then. He was born at 4.10lbs and after 2 months he weighs 5.9lbs. He is gaining but slowly.

It is really taking a toll on us financially, thus I created Braydens Heart kit, that is loaded with 60 papers and 51 elements. It is a freebie, however if you download and you can afford just the smallest amount will help out my granddaughter while she stays with her son at the hospital. The hospital is very far away from her home. The hospital does provide a sleep room for her and her mother to stay on weekends. However the gas, meals and all the extras that come up are taking a toll on us.

I have broken the kit down into 9 parts to make it easier to download.

♥ Braydens Heart Elements ♥
You can download the Elements Pack 1 HERE
You can download the Elements Pack 2 HERE
You can download the Elements Pack 3 HERE

♥ Braydens Heart Papers ♥
♥ 10 Papers in each Pack ♥
You can download the PaperPack1 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 2 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 3 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 4 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 5 HERE
You can download the PaperPack 6 HERE

The smallest of donations will be very much appreciated to help our family thru this very difficult time.

Freebie ~ My First Script ~ Stickpin

I made my first script and was so excited, I had to share. Works with your papers or colors. I tried it in PSP8, 9 & 10 and seems to work in all. Instructions added in zip. If you have any problems with it please let me know and I will see if I can help.


You can download the Script HERE

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry for being slack

I know it has been 6 months since I posted anything for you, but I had to take a break.

Hopefully I will be back up and running with some more freebies for you real soon.

I have to let you know about my Great Grandson that was born. He was born May 29, 2009. He was born premature and he faces some hurdles before he will be coming home. He is still in the hospital and I will be leaving to go see him as soon as I finish posting this. He has to have surgery on his little heart, but they cannot do that until he gains some weight. He was born 4lbs 10 oz, and now weighs 5lbs 5oz. Although he is gaining weight and gaining strength everyday, he is still not where the doctors want him to be in order to have surgery.

I made this Brag Book page for him and thought I would share with you if you would like to have it for yourself. The precious Baby Fawn in one from Digi Web Studios. Alot of adorable sets available and on sale too. You can pick it up here HERE

You can download my BragBook Quick page HERE