Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brayden due for surgery today

Just wanted to post an update on Brayden as it has been a couple months since last post. Whew time flies by don't it. We have been through an emotional roller coaster it seems since this beautiful baby was born. He was 4 months old yesterday and still in the hospital. We have been waiting for him to get to at least 10 lbs for him to be able to have heart surgery to correct the artery that he was born without. After he had another heart cath done almost 2 weeks ago now, the doctors have now determined that he is worse than they originally thought. The doctors met with the family last Thursday and gave us the devasting news that the surgery could make him worse instead of better. Not only that it would only be a bridge for the multiple surgeries he would have to endure to correct all the problems with his heart. They have left it up to the family as to whether to have the surgery or not. After the initial shock of it all the decision was made in what we feel to be the best for Brayden. He will not have the heart surgery at this time, however we can go back and have it done later, if his condition worsens.

He is scheduled to undergo surgery today for his reflux. We were originally told this surgery could not be done until after his heart surgery. After we gave the doctors the information we would not go through with his heart surgery, they said they could still perform the reflux surgery by going in a different way. They will go in by his liver, from what we understand. By doing the surgery this way, the recovery time is longer, but less stress on his heart.

Please keep Brayden in your thoughts and prayers,

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