Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adorable Halloween QP

Brayden had his surgery Wednesday Sept 30, 09. Surgeon came out and talked to us and said he went thru the surgery just fine. Wednesday evening while in CICU he started running a temp of 105. They were able to get that down. He was on a ventilator at 40%; they have weaned him down to 22% as of this morning, and will continue to come down. He cannot come off the ventilator until he is at 10% and breathing above that on his own. We are hoping that will be later this evening or early tomorrow morning at the latest. But Brayden calls his own shots and only time will tell.

While they were doing the reflux surgery they also put his feeding tube in, so thank goodness that will not be another surgery he will have to go through.

They have kept Brayden in a paralytic state, due to him becoming agitated when he is trying to wake up, which in turn raises his heart rate. So in order to keep him comfortable and try to heal as best he can he continues to be sedated with morphine, which does not help the fact that he is a sedation nightmare, as the doctor as noted in his chart.

We are all very nervous, tensed, and stressed over the possibilities, but Brayden is definitely a fighter, and has been since coming into this world. He struggles everyday to stay here and we are hoping he will go to the PICU soon. (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)

Thank you all for your care, concern, thoughts and prayers. They are working.

I found this adorable quick page on Becky's website and could not resist.

You can download her quickpage HERE

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