Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Links update for Freebie Spooky Fest

I saw where some of you were having trouble downloading the freebie scrapkit "Spooky Fest". Thank you Prissy and Brenda for sending me an email to give me a heads up also. Here are the links again and hopefully 4-shared in not having a server problem. These are the updated links to download. If these quit working, please let me know and I will upload to another server.

You can download the papers HERE

You can download the elements HERE

You can download the quickpage HERE

Sunday, September 21, 2008

QP freebie to go with Spooky Fest

Here is a freebie QP using some of the elements from the "Spooky Fest" kit. I have had the image of the pumpkins, black cat and grave marker for quiet some time. Not sure where it actually came from. If it is yours please let me know so I can give you credit.
You can download the QP HERE

Spooky Fest Halloween Freebie Scrapkit

I know it may be a little early for Halloween, and I am not trying to rush it, however I found an adorable little Halloween Teddy tutorial and had to try it. So this little guy was the inspiration to go ahead and make a Halloween Scrap Kit, called Spooky Fest and of course another freebie for you.

Thanks so much to Liss for this great tutorial. If you would like to give Halloween Teddy or some of her other adorable tutorials a try check out her website HERE .

Kit consists of:

26 Papers
3 Brads
5 Glass filled acrylic charms
3 Heart Charms
4 Round Scalloped Frames
2 Triple Squared Frames
10 Boo & Trick or Treat Nameplates
5 Stickpins
4 String Ribbons
4 Halloween Masked Teddy Bears
Enjoy and I hope you have fun with it,

You can get the Paper Pack HERE

You can get the Elements HERE

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rainy Days Freebie Scrap Kit

Sorry, I haven't posted anything in some time. Real life often gets in the way of my play time. Got it all dealt with and everything now under control for the time being anyway, so had time to finish this kit I started a while ago. It is called Rainy Days and best of all it is a freebie. Hope you like it and can use parts of it. Have fun. All elements are in PNG format, yea she listened. LOL

Don't forgot to check out Tequilla Sunrise also. It is a PTU kit, and just reduced to only $1.35. If I did everyting correctly paypal will direct you to the download links. If for some reason it does not, please send me an email and I will send you the links right away.

You can download the papers HERE

You can download the elements HERE

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tequilla Sunrise and Free QP

Just reduced 55%, now only $1.35 and if I did it correctly, paypal will direct you automatically to the download area. If for some reason it does not work, please send me an email and I will send the links to you for downloading.
Just finished off the ole hard drive is this jam packed fullsized scrapkit called, "Tequilla Sunrise". This kit has 107 pieces total and you are sure to find many uses for all these papers and elements. I will be posting a free mini and free quickpage to go with this set in a day or so. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, please pay using the paypal link to the right. Please note, be sure to include your correct email address for me to send you the links. I will have the links to you in 12 hours or less, as I do work a full time job also.

Kit consists of:

33 Papers
3 Ribbon Flowers
8 Brads with Silver Rings
9 Heart Bars
6 String Ribbons
11 Bathing Suits
4 Pairs of Sunglasses
8 Pairs of Flip Flops
7 Chrome Trimmed Frames
4 Square Frames
4 Drinking Glasses
2 Sun Frames
3 Name Tags
5 Umbrellas

Fairy Tales Light Freebie Fairies...REDO

I am so very sorry everyone. I hope everyone realizes the error I made with the fairies freebie and comes back to download now that I have corrected the PNG files. Thanks to Ruthy for letting me know of my error. It seems in my haste to reformat everything to PNG I had a DUH moment for sure. I left all on one layer and that just is not going to work for you. Hopefully this time it is correct, if not please give me a shout. Lordy I think I need to clone myself or the days need to be longer one. LOL.

You can download the non-winged fairies HERE

You can download the winged fairies HERE

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fairy Tales Light Freebie...Final Show

You have all the rest and now (drumroll, please) the fairies make their debut'. Please welcome the the beautiful fairies to the show of the Fairy Tales Light. You have 6 winged fairies and 6 faires who do not have their wings. I hope you enjoy the kit as much as I enjoyed putting it together and bringing it to you this week. Have fun with it.

I am also working on a QP to go with the kit, so check back often for the posting of that.

"Tequilla Sunrise", is in the making and hopefully it will be posted for you within the next couple of days. This is sure to be a fun set also.

And now without further ado, here are your fairies.

You can download them in PSD format HERE

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fairy Tales Light Freebie...Part 5

Part 5 is here today for the freebie kit of Fairy Tales Light. Today you get the misc elements. I want to remind all who are downloading that the papers are not full size scrap papers, they were sized for taggers. However they are in 300dpi, so could very well be used for some of your smaller projects such as brag books.

For those of you are just catching this for the first time, be sure to look for all other parts prior to this one. Tomorrow will be the finale, with the fairies making the final show.

You can download Part 5 in PSD format HERE

You can download Part 5 in PNG format HERE

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fairy Tales Light...Part 4 Freebie

Part 4 freebie of the Fairy Tales Light is here today. Today you get the frames. I have been looking at the survey and reformatted all files to PNG also. So for the remainder of the kit, I will be posting in both PSD and PNG format for you. Please continue to do the survey for me so I can get a clearer picture of what it is most of you prefer.

You can download Frames in PSD format HERE

You can download Frames in PNG format HERE

Fairy Tales Light Freebie...Brads PNG

OK, I hear ya Amy and here ya go. I have remormatted all files to PNG for this kit. I will be posting the remainder of the freebie set in both PSD and PNG formats. Hope this helps you.

You can download Part 3 which is the Brads in PNG format HERE

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fairy Tales Light...Part 3 Freebie

It looks like Fairy Tale Light freebie kit is a hit, I am so happy to see it was worth all the time I put into it. I always worry to much about a kit. That is usually why my kits wind up so big. One of these days, I will learn how to make smaller kits, lol. But for now, that is good for you.

As promised you can download Part 3 of the kit HERE

New Survey.....

I saw a comment from one of my kits, that lead to this survey. I primarily use psd format as I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 for my bigger items such as 12 x 12 papers. PSP, takes foreva..... to save files that big.

When I switch to PSP for some of the smaller items, (as I said before it is hard to teach ole dogs new tricks. I started learning on PSP8 and that will most likely always be my baby or my fav program to use, lol), I often save in psp format.

So now I would love to hear from you, please take a minute to do the survey on the right. Which format would you prefer your kits in? This will help me to help you.

I love creating new things, but the kits are not any good if you cannot use them.

Have a great day!

New tut... "Pearls Galore"


Look at this beautiful tutorial from Sheldon using "My English Rose", scrapkit. Beautifully done and love it Sheldon. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

If you would like to try Sheldon's Pearls Galore tutorial click HERE

New Tut... "English Rose"


Myrtle did a great job on this tut using my FTU, Enlish Rose kit. Love it Myrtle and thank you so much for sharing with us.

If you would like to try the tutorial, you can get it HERE