Monday, November 23, 2009

Brayden's Move to Hospice

After spending 172 days in the hospital Brayden was moved to Hospice of Atlanta this past Thursday. He is free of all monitors. The only thing he has attached now is his feeding tube and oxygen. You can actually pick him up and hold him now without all the wires and tubes he had in the hospital.

Staff at Hospice has been very understanding and caring while we make the transition. We were hoping to take him home, but Brayden's high flow oxygen requirement is one that is not capable of being performed at home. So we are hoping we can ween him off the high flow down to an acceptable level that we can do at home. For the meantime we are adapting and someone is staying with him at all times, so he is never alone.

He is starting to make little sounds and trying to talk and that is sooooooo cute. He will smile and stick his tongue out when you talk to him. A long time coming for such a small step, but we will take anything we can get.

I saw this tutorial and had to make it to show off this beautiful face.

You can checkout Sandy's tutorial HERE

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freebie ~ Beary Fun Cap Alpha

I finished the Beary Fun Capital Letters and links are below for you. I am still working on the lower case and numbers and will have them available for you later this week. Gotta rush off now as on the way to the hospital to meet with Dr's and Hospice.

Please say a prayer for Brayden for us.

You can download the Blue Caps HERE

You can download the Pink Caps HERE

You can download the Green Caps HERE

You can download the Purple Caps HERE

Saturday, November 14, 2009

♥ New Kit ~ Beary Fun ♥

I had alot of fun putting together this kit and most likely will add some more features later this week to go with it, so check back later in the week to see what I have come up with to go with it.
Kit is free, but we are still taking donations for Brayden if you can spare a dime or two. Any little bit helps. The doctors did not give us much hope for him making it past 2 weeks, but that was 3 weeks ago and he is still fighting. He is getting a little personality and starting to smile. He loves to be held and loved, and belive me he is getting plenty of that.

My daughter and granddaughter met with the Hospice Center today and the final meeting will be Monday with the Hospice and the Hospital to get everything ready for the move. Brayden and my granddaughter will be staying at the Hospice Center as they have staff on duty in the event she needs some help with him. We are still hoping and praying for our miracle everday that he will get better or they will be able to operate to correct his heart. As for now it is a wait and see what happens.

I saw the most adorable tutorial on Cathy's site for the Dancing Bear that started this kit. You can checkout the tutoial HERE

Enjoy the kit, I hope you have as much fun with it as I had in putting it together.

You can download the papers HERE

You can download the elements HERE