Sunday, January 10, 2010

♥ WOW...... What a night ♥

Well has it been almost a month since I posted, my how time does fly. I rang in the New Year at Hospice with Brayden, my daughter (Braydens grandmother) and my grandson (Brayden's Uncle). It was pretty much uneventful as Brayden slept thru it, as I usually do every year. I had been staying with Brayden since the 28th of December and my daughter knows how I am about my greens and peas on New Years, so she brought me a big plate. You know I enjoyed it.

Staying at Hospice again this weekend as I do every weekend. It was an exciting night last night. Keep in mind that since moving to Hospice from the Hospital Brayden no longer has a heart monitor on. At 2:20 AM the fire alarm went off and I jumped straight up out of the bed and immediately went to his bed to see if he was breathing. He was, so then I ran to the door to have a nurse come find out why his monitor was flashing disco bright white strobe never ending
light and a high pitch sound that was deafening. When I opened the door my daughter woke up and I guess I had this panic look on my face and she knew what I was thinking, so before I started running to the nurses station she said Mom, it is the fire alarm. heart is about to pound out of my chest at this time and it took a few minutes to calm me down. I thought the Fire Department was going to have to come anyway to revive me from heart failure.
Turns out it was a busted water pipe in the basement that triggered the alarm.

OK, now my heart has calmed down and Brayden is back to sleep and I have just layed down to try and go back to sleep. 3:37 AM, the alarm goes off again. I am prepared this time, I knew what was going on. I kept looking at my daughter waiting for her to wake up and she slept thru the second episode and lucky for me so did Brayden. I told my daughter when she woke up, about the second alarm and she still can't quit laughing, as she slept thru the second one, but it only lasted about 3 minutes.

I think Brayden has his days and nights mixed up since I stayed with him last week. He has woken up at midnight for the past 2 nights and wants to play till about 4AM, gotta change that some way - some how. LOL.

I found this adorable kit and quickpage and was so impressed I had to copy and make one for Brayden.

You can visit her blog HERE

You can visit her store to buy the kit HERE

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